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About me

My name is Alena Nosova, my professional fields are comics, calligraphy and illustration. I create designs for T-shirts and gift collections, I make illustrations for websites and presentations. I’m helping to convey complex information to the client in an informal way. I can add some charm and light humor in business presentations or play with Cyrillic and Latin letters.

My experience is 6 years, during this time I worked with Terem-quartet, Strata est group, kARTa project, the museum of music in Sheremetev palace and dozens of private clients.
Why me?
I delve into the mission of client’s business and I select an individual graphic and compositional solution
60% of my clients become regulars, returning to me with new tasks
I take my work seriously - I strictly give realistic deadlines for the completion of work and strictly follow them, I’m always in touch in my working hours
How to work with me
You send me a request, I study your materials and then answer within 24 hours. Maybe I’ll have to ask some clarifying questions. After that I’ll tell you an approximate price.
We agree on the details of the technical task and the concept (in words). Then you make an advance payment of 30% of the order value. After about 2-5 working days I send you sketches, we choose the one we like and make the necessary changes.
I make the final version (the timing depends on the amount of work) and send it for approval. We make 5 edits to the layout for free, the rest for an additional fee.
Having approved the final version, you transfer the remaining 70% of the payment to me and I send you a high-resolution layout.

What’s the price?

$70-100 / page

Storyboarding, drawing and post-processing. The price depends on composition and detailing.

Calligraphy & lettering
$1-10 / word

Nicely written words, letters and sentences. The price depends of the writing style. Drawing in vector is not included in the price.

Minimalistic/detailed picture for your text or presentation
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